The Clinic

Clinical Intervention should be made when Child Development is inhibited.

The Family Training Center’s Clinic works in partnership with:


What we do:

1. Family Training Program      FTC_Logo

Children under five and their parents meet with a therapist in order to re-establish a natural and healthy balanced family functioning after a stressful event (for example, the birth of another child’s birth, loss of a family member, parental depression, moving house or country). The treatment is 5 sessions long.

2. Child Psychology Consultation

This consultation offers Clinical Psychology services for children in primary school years (6-11 years). Around six years old and strengthened by her experiences in school, a child focusses their energy on learning and interacting socially in an organized way, leaving behind the emotional intensity of the early stages of development. However, achievement at school is often disturbed by emotional discomfort. Our team is focused on identifying the child’s true cause of discomfort, and on helping them to reorganize themselves and return to a healthy developmental path.

3. Adolescent Psychology Consultation

Adolescence is the phase of our life when the most changes are happening to us.  It is important to accept that adolescence always demands some degree of adjustment for both family and adolescent. Sometimes the pressure just becomes too intense and prevents the adolescent from thinking, acting or developing. The clinical intervention stimulates him or her to understand what is happening and make step by step decisions, re-aligning themselves with a healthy developmental path.

4. Parental Counseling

This consultation helps parents who are looking for advice on how to manage a specific situation with their children. Common themes are: how to communicate and explain a divorce decision, how to communicate the loss of a close family member, managing adoptive families, separated families, blended families; communicating and explaining the birth of a sibling, managing chronic illness, managing adolescence.

5. Teacher Counseling

The emotional intensity in a classroom can be exhausting. This consultation offers a deeper understanding of what is in fact going on in a classroom and helps teachers and carers to reorganize themselves emotionally and choose effective strategies to manage the class.