Packs & Pricing

The Family Training Center’s training approach rests on two pillars: (1) the continuity of the training process, step by step integration of the psychodynamic theoretic framework, and (2) the use of participants’ experience. Each participant will apply psychodynamic thinking through their work or in their family, using workshops to share questions, receive feedback and evaluate results. This approach gives confidence to parents and carers supporting child development, promoting happier and more confident families and education teams.

We offer four packs of annual training. Each School’s Protocol with the Family Training Center is established by monthly fees.

Workshop details:

  • Half day duration
  • 10 participants maximum
  • Continuous learning
  • Case discussions of participants’ examples

Workshop Packs

Pack 1

  • Monthly fee

  • 6 Education Team Workshops + 3 Parent's Workshops

Pack 2

  • Monthly fee

  • 12 Education Team Workshops + 6 Parent's Workshops

Pack 3

  • Monthly fee

  • 24 Education Team Workshops + 6 Parent's Workshops


Workshops extra (acrescentados a cada pacote de formação) 250€ / Workshop


Pack ‘à medida’

Para escolas que não encontrem resposta nos Packs propostos, pode ser definido um programa à medida das suas necessidades.